Puzzle Kit

A simple puzzle kit with only a few basic pieces that can be combined to create interesting puzzles. The main focus was to make the kit fast and easy to use and also includes building tools for walls and floor. The puzzle pieces use a Blueprint Interface for communication, which makes it easy to add more puzzle components in the future. Made in three weeks half time in Unreal Engine.

This was the first project I started for my portfolio and I wanted to start with something small. I had an idea to make a puzzle game but scaled that down to just make a kit with puzzle pieces that I can use in the future to make a puzzle game. The list of puzzle elements was long at first but it was cut down to four pieces that I have here since they had a lot of synergies and potential to work well with future puzzle pieces as well.

My Goals:

  • Create a fast and easy to use puzzle kit
  • Design simple, yet versatile puzzle pieces
  • Polish the puzzle pieces with sound effects and particles

The Puzzle Pieces

Pushable Block

  • Can be pushed by the Player
  • Slides on Ice until it hits an edge or wall
  • Activate Buttons
  • Is moved by Moving Blocks
  • Can be pushed of edges

Moving Blocks

  • Moves up or down when activated by a Lever or Button
  • Can be used to block and open player paths
  • Works well as elevators and bridges
  • Also move objects on top of them (player, blocks, buttons, and levers)


  • Activates everything with the same color when stood on by a block or the player
  • Can be placed on Moving Blocks


  • Activates everything with the same color when pulled by the player
  • Can be placed on Moving Blocks

Building with the Kit

  • Everything connects together automatically by color
  • Puzzle pieces automatically snap to the grid (300 ue units)
  • Construction Tools for Walls and Floors