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Hello there!
I am Markus and I am currently looking for work as a Technical Level Designer or Game Designer. I love working in multi-disciplinary teams where everyone has their own unique skills and viewpoints and where we can solve problems together.

My journey as a game developer started in 2013 when I studied Game Programming at BTH Karlskrona. After finishing my studies I worked as a System Developer in the telecom industry for a few years before returning to games, this time as a Level Designer.

I started studying Level Design at The Game Assembly in Malmö 2019, which led me to my internship at Frogsong Studios in 2021. I got hired after my internship and eventually, I became the Design Director for the studio's next upcoming game. Sadly the studio was forced to shut down for economic reasons and now I am looking for my next home in the games industry.

Making and playing games is a huge passion of mine and I am always eager to try and learn new things, both when making and playing.

In my free time, I also like cooking, baking, boxing, being in nature, and seeing friends

CV and contact info below!